Phrases that show you are not a confident business woman

Being a confident business woman is a good thing if you want to be respected as a leader and entrepreneur. However, there are times that we speak words that do not exude confidence at all.

Choosing the right words to say, without looking weak, or estimating our true power as female leaders can be a tussle.

Sometimes, it is our intention to be polite. But while at it we become too polite until it looks like we are weak and not sure of ourselves.

Here are some phrases that make all sorts of people not perceive you a confident business woman:

“I guess…”

You do not want to undermine your statement or idea by using this phrase. It shows uncertainty and how unsure  you are of your abilities. Even though you really do not know the best thing to do, you know what you expect as the end result and you also do know what direction to move. Stop guessing and be the leader you are!

“I’m sorry…”

Let’s just admit it, this phrase is overused. Do not apologise unless it is really necessary. Think of this, instead of  “I’m sorry…” how about you use, “May I…”,  or “Excuse me..” instead.

“I’ll try…”

Do you ever give someone a task and they tell you they will try? How did that make you feel?  It is okay to try out new things, it is okay to be faced with new challenges.

If you cannot do something you are expected to do, it is okay to say “I do not know exactly how to… but I will consult” or “I have an idea on how to go about it… but I will need help.” That does not show weakness. It shows that you are willing to learn.

You also need to show confidence without trying too hard. Do this:

Say “thank you”

It is not a sign of weakness for a leader or boss to say thank you to their subordinate. Instead, it creates a positive atmosphere within the work environment.

Smile more often when you speak

Smiles are contagious. However, when speaking to people about business or work, there may be absolutely nothing to smile about at all. Being able to smile shows composure. It even makes it easy for people to listen and interact with you.


“The process of winning is 90% learning”  – unknown