Poor excuses women give not to start a business

While some Kenyan women indeed do not aspire to be entrepreneurs, others always flirt with the idea but never commit. They give a list of excuses that are proven to be just that.

Starting a business can truly be a daunting experience; that’s why there are alternatives to starting a business. Nevertheless, the challenge of starting is what leads to great fulfillment for you when it all comes together. Therefore, start your business already and avoid these excuses:

1.“I don’t think I can do it”
The reality though is that everybody can. Entrepreneurship involves getting better with time. There is no secret magic bullet that the most successful entrepreneurs used to get where they are. It is even easier to gather tips today on starting and running a business using the tool that is the internet. Start by checking out these websites women entrepreneurs bookmark.

2.‘’Will I make money?”
C’mon, you’re better than that. You already know that if making money is your primary goal, you will not last the whole ride. Entrepreneurship is not a get-rich-quick scheme. The “overnight success” and the unbelievably profitable businesses you read about are not what they seem. Your focus should be on the opportunity that draws you to entrepreneurship in the first place. If you prove your business idea to be viable, through research, then you will make a living out of it.

3.“Someone is already doing it”
Perhaps you wanted to be a pioneer or you fear taking on the bigger firms so you throw in this line. But in business there is almost always a niche that is being underserved or an entire segment not being served. You shouldn’t fear competition for that is where the fun is. Wouldn’t you just love to show how much better you are than them? Start that business and bring improvement or even disruption into the market.

4.“I don’t have capital”
We will empathize, just a little though, with this excuse because it is one of the challenges women entrepreneurs in Kenya face. But starting out with a lot of funding doesn’t necessarily mean you will be a success. That is determined by your business strategy. If there’s a secret to succeeding as an entrepreneur it’s that you start the business with what you have and aspire for gradual growth. There is no race, no finish line for when your business should peak. Kenya has a pretty high life expectancy.

5.“It’s just so hard”
Of course it is. That’s why entrepreneurship is one of the most fulfilling things out there. Success is actually hard, that is why most of us settle in the middle. Very few of us are better than the rest so to gain a ground we have to push ourselves a little bit ahead. The sacrifice for a greater goal turns out to be worthwhile in the end.