Product Review: Aruba, A natural feminine intimate care cosmetic

Ladies, have you ever experience vaginal dryness that led to itching and you could not explain why? Does it get to a few days to your periods and there is some itching that you cannot explain? There is some type of dryness that occurs and many ladies cannot explain why.

Here is why:

There’re many changes that occur in the uterus and vagina during the cycle. There can also be changes in the vaginal mucosa that are associated with changes in the hormones. Around the time of period when the hormone levels are low, the vagina may be drier than usual.

The reason behind dryness is declining estrogen levels. Vaginal tissue has estrogen receptors. As estrogen levels decline, the tissue can get dry and irritated. When it’s the end of menstruation, there’s less moisture that was provided by the flow and this is why the vagina can be very itchy. Within days itching should go away. If it doesn’t, the cause of itch may be some kinds of infection or inflammation.

Another reason for having vaginal irritation is the type of underwear your wear, yeast infection etc.

Last week, we did a post on an entrepreneur who is producing Aruba gel, a feminine hygiene product for vaginal itch. Aruba means “happy, Joyful, Cheeky woman”in Arabic

60ml gel in small tab

Aruba is a natural feminine intimate care cosmetic. It ends vaginal itch, odour, discharge and discomfort brought on by inflammation in only 3 days. The product is made from Neem, Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera.

The product gently refreshes and creates a ph balanced environment and eliminates bacteria that cause bad odour.It  The skin around the vagina is highly sensitive, and the product has been infused with aloe vera as it has skin conditioning goodness and  antifungal properties, which  is a a great remedy for type of skin for the vulva

How it works

works in 3 days

Aruba Gel contains a polymer that builds the body of the product. The two pure essential oils in our blend -Tea Tree and Neem- are evenly distributed in the product and work together with the other ingredients -Aloe Vera and Water- to keep you feeling and smelling fresh.

Aruba works with your body chemistry- not against it! Aruba does not contain ingredients that form a layer on the skin clogging the skin pores (like other synthetic gels do). The product feels light because its natural ingredients are quickly absorbed into the skin.

What’s more, Aruba can be applied anywhere on the body, though it’s formulated for the Vagina specifically the area around the ‘lips’ of the vagina –The Labia


Direction for use

Apply Aruba to the outside of your vagina only. Not to be used inside your vagina. Only use Aruba on the outside parts of your vagina such as the labia and vulva.

Where to get Aruba

Order online via Kenya’s one stop beauty shop

  • Beauty techniques Salon Moi Avenue Central building.07217164
  • Ashandy beauty shop, Fairlane house 1st floor.(In the Kenyatta market area) 0718533596
  • Shop at Tetezzo Shop No 313 A Pioneer Kenyatta Avenue House
  • Naima Cosmetics, Shop 54 Nextgen Mall along Mombasa Road
  • Muthoni Cosmetics, River Road
  • Beauty Wholesale Mama Ngina Street Branch

Thika Susan 0722435484

Kisumu  Madam Katiba on 0729483263

Eldoret Hoddies black Fragrances, Zion Mall, 1st Floor Room 12

They have a website for more information includes how to use FAQ’s, ingredients list etc.

aruba for women