Date announced for Pwani Innovation Week

The public will finally get the chance to showcase, learn about and experience innovation in action at the coast with the launch of Pwani Innovation Week.

Its intended outcome is to enhance the development of innovative ideas and capabilities with a focus on “creating and supporting new businesses,” as, Swahilipot Hub board member, Simeon Oriko put it.

Swahilipot Hub is one of the parties who have come together to make Pwani Innovation Week possible. It’s an arts and technology innovation center, in Mombasa, offering services such as training and co-working facilities.

Events such as panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions and competitions have been lined up for Pwani Innovation Week. Entertainment has also been given room in the packed schedule, which will allow family, art and cultural events to be featured.

All this will take place in the week of 3rd-7th December, 2018 at the Kenya Coast National Polytechnic in Mombasa.

Swahilipot Hub Chairman and Patron, Mahmoud Noor, speaking at the launch said, “We are excited to highlight the region’s aspirations and the initiatives being undertaken to meet them.”

Head over to the Pwani Innovation Week Official Website to learn more about this important event.