Unique reasons why Kenyan women make great entrepreneurs

Kenyan women form the majority of those starting and running small and medium sized enterprises in the country. Here is a list of the reasons why they are great entrepreneurs.

Female entrepreneurs who have succeeded prove women make great entrepreneurs. Here are some of the reasons why.

It’s true that typically women form fewer networks than men. This, though, is only in the context of their professional lives. The thing is, women are better at networking than men. Ladies have broader social structures compared to the gents. I’m sure you’ve seen this too. Now if this could be channeled towards entrepreneurship, you quickly see why women succeed as entrepreneurs. This means more important associations (connections is a taboo word in Kenya) and better support systems.

Kenyan women multitask better than Kenyan men; this is known. They are simply used to doing many different things by themselves. This is why married men don’t comprehend the reality of endless house chores. Entrepreneurs are required to wear different hats at the beginning. You are in charge of all aspects of business. It is innate of women to do this.


3.Social responsibility
Different research projects have found that Kenyan women entrepreneurs are selfless business persons. They usually direct their incomes to their families. Unfortunately, this can be a dilemma for small businesses as they have to choose whether to reinvest back and grow the business or take care of their families. Women also mention “helping society” as one of their aims in business. Enterprises are encouraged to create and sustain positive relations with the greater society. Today, social responsibility is a great way to garner positive PR. Women entrepreneurs will readily do this.

4.Tough skin
Entrepreneurship requires a lot of perseverance. This is a virtue many women show with little effort. Just ask mom entrepreneurs. Women in business still talk about how they are not taken seriously and have to work harder to build the same reputation as men. People also say a lot of bad things behind the backs of successful women; who take it all in stride.

If you want to know how to manage a business well, nurture your leadership skills. Kenyan women are told they can’t be leaders because some people believe leadership means making the most noise. Do you remember that saying, ‘Don’t listen to the loudest person in the room’? Leadership is about knowing how to handle people. Women have great people skills. These can be used to influence the team you’re building in that business to work with you towards your goals.