Should you run a business with your husband?

Broadening the scope of your marriage from life partners to business partners is a risky affair. This form of entrepreneurship could be ruinous to your relationship yet it offers great advantages in terms of commitment and trust of partner. Is this direction for you?

It’s not common to find a husband and a wife starting a business together; as equal partners. Most married people don’t even consider this option. This taboo view, towards business with a spouse, stems from the division of labour in a marriage. You know, one doing house chores that never end and the other wondering why that many bottles are needed in a toilet.

Like family businesses, there is a fear of mixing relationships with businesses. Perhaps business is simply too rational for the sentiments of relationships. Maybe it’s just that people have failed to master companionship and can’t take it beyond the bedroom and the dinner table.

Running a business with your husband allows you to start a business with someone you completely trust. It allows you to find that elusive co-founder or partner who is just as committed as you. To enjoy these benefits, though, you have to conform to straightforward guidelines that elude many couples. It’s hilarious how we give the pitiful look waiting for some secret knowledge to realize our lives objectives. The wheel will never be reinvented people.

The first thing you and your husband should do is divide responsibilities. Just as you do at home. It will be far more costly to step into each other’s space in a business venture. When each of you can take responsibility for this or that action, there will be less resentment at never getting to toss and turn in bed for the rest of your life, ha! Seriously though, it’s important to do this.

You also need to manage your life well. Typically, a marriage has one stable income but when you start a business you are going to do the belt tightening you know entrepreneurs do. Financial constraint is a big cause of conflict in marriages. This can take a nasty turn if you have a child.

I don’t want to sound like those cheesy relationship experts but you and your husband will have to up your communications game. As married people, you already know how to compromise and resolve conflict. Keep this up in your business as well. Vent, disagree and all but do not carry any business bitterness when you wear your husband-wife hats. The last thing you want to do is spend every 1am exchanging (in bad taste) about business. Set aside time for crucial discussions and making strategic decisions.

Just like family business, it appears pretty dicey. But others have shown it’s possible by following the same road map. Once you have a handle on the dynamics between you; it becomes the typical course of an entrepreneur. In this case entrepreneurs.