Safaricom effort recognized in Change the World List of companies

Safaricom has been named in Fortune’s Change the World List, which recognizes companies all over the world with most positive social impact.

Fortune Change the World List 2018 is the 4th edition of the annual ranking. It acknowledges companies with positive social impact through their core business activities.

The companies are assessed on 4 factors. Measurable Social Impact is given greatest weight. It measures reach, nature and durability of social impact. Degree of Innovation is about how innovative this effort is in relation to other companies.

Corporate Intergration is the third factor determining a company’s rank in the Change the World List. It assesses importance of initiative to a company’s overall strategy. Business Result is also considered. Profitability and shareholder value are worth more than reputation. It is important that social impact efforts bring benefit to a company’s bottom line.

Safaricom passed these metrics and was ranked 19th in the Fortune Change the World List 2018. It is one of the two African representatives in the list comprising 57 companies from across the globe.


Safaricom high ranking is attributed to M-Pesa. The mobile money service has grown into a lot more. M-Pesa is now in use by 30 million people in 10 countries. It is even used to pay pension in India.

Change the World List 2018 top ranked company is Reliance Jio, a telecoms company like Safaricom.

Check out the complete list on the Fortune website.