SAG-SEED Starter

SAG-SEED Starter program for eco-enterprises

SAG-SEED Starter is tailored to the needs of teams keen to establish new eco-enterprises and develop entrepreneurial solutions to top challenges in their country.

The newly developed SAG-SEED Starter program promotes the incubation of new eco-enterprises. Young teams of entrepreneurs, with innovative ideas, are thus supported by this initiative. The SAG-SEED Starter in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mauritius, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda is part of the SAG-SEED project under SWITCH-Africa Green.

Selected teams will converge in the capital cities for two workshops. They will refine and develop their business ideas. The period between the workshops will be for testing the idea with potential partners and customers.

How to Apply

  • Download and read the “Call for Application” to learn about the Starter Months in Kenya
  • Download the Kenya-specific application form
  • Send completed application via email
  • SAG-SEED will select and inform you on participation

Application deadline is 25th April, 2016 for Kenya. Apply here and send your filled application to .