Photo: æternity hub Africa

Sign up to attend What The Hack hackathon (funding, incubation)

Save the date to attend What The Hack hackathon by æternity hub Africa. You can take part in or learn how blockchain technology can help your business and personal life.

æternity hub Africa develops applications to utilize blockchain as a tool to address business and social problems. One of its achievement, in 2018, was demonstrating it as a platform for crowdfunding. This should be good news for you, entrepreneur.

Why not come over and learn more. Tech entrepreneurs, designers and developers are especially encouraged to show up. They will participate in the What The Hack hackathon. The participants will compete to show how trust and transparency can be achieved on their platforms, by incorporating æternity blockchain.

Participants will be provided with tools to learn how to build  and intergrate basic deapps on æternity blockchain.

What The Hack

The overall winner will have access to æternity Starfleet funding and incubation in April 2019. There will be more prizes to be won. What The Hack hackathon will happen from the 2nd to 7th of February, 2019. Registration is free. Sign up here