Sinapis Investor Readiness Workshop

Sinapis is a business program that helps to provide training to early stage entrepreneurs. They provide mentorship and opportunity for seed capital. Its name is derived from pod-bearing, shrub-like plants; it is another name for mustard seed.

On Saturday, 11th February 2017, they will be organizing a FREE investment readiness workshop where they will focus on exactly what it takes to raise capital for your business.

Their mission is to empire aspiring entrepreneurs in the developing world with innovative, scalable business ideas by offering Christ-centered business education, consulting and mentoring services and offering them seed capital. You will also hear about the Sinapis Entrepreneurship program launching at Deliverance Church, Umoja, this March.

To register for the workshop, fill this form. Email to confirm attendance.

If you don’t know where Deliverance Church Umoja is call 0715-575-144 for directions.

If you don’t hate them, visit their Official Website