Have SMEs finally found their match?

A month ago, we told you about the new banking app in town launched by HF Group? Well, after using the App for a month, i have finally come to accept that we, small business owners have finally found our match.

One of the things that drew me to this app is the fact that i can transact upto Ksh 200,000 in a day. Well, i am not saying i need to transact that amount on a daily basis, but have you ever wanted to send cash for materials, send to your employees, pay your lawyer and you are restricted to Ksh 70,000. I have had to tell one or two people to trust me enough to send more money after midnight. That has been very frustrating and i am glad that with HF Whizz, those few days i need to go overboard, i am really sorted.

Another great feature i loved as an entrepreneur is tracking my expenses. For the office, we have a petty cash book which my admin manages. Apart from that, to manage my own expenses has been a nightmare. I always know what i am going to buy, but i will end up sending money home, buying unnecessary things and going off on entertainment. So when i downloaded HF Whizz, i keyed in even the smallest amount of expense and woah! i had no idea that in just a month, my entertainment budget shot over the roof.  I love eating out, going out and a little bit of wining.  Now, i am abit more careful with my money. i stay indoors, invite one or two friends, make dinner and get a bottle of wine. Let’s just say i am getting more disciplined with my money.


Have you ever gotten a loan in just 7 seconds?  Well, HF Whizz is made for today’s hustler. Ever been stuck and you need to restock? Ever had a client who wants to pay after five days but you need urgent cash to sort you out? Well, if you are like me, who has clients that pay after 30 days, this app was made for you. With this app, you raise your credit score every time you use the app to transact. Save money, pay bills, withdraw, make purchases. All these will help you raise your credit score and you can access their loan to grow your hustle. No more going to the Shylock for a quick loan, while you have the power in your hands.

Another amazing thing about this app is that, its paperless. Have you ever been made to sign a thousand documents just to get a loan of Ksh 50,000? Have you been asked to bring security, and they have to do checks, while you just need an urgent Ksh 50,000 for your hustle? Well, not with this App. Your history is your security. Transact more and you can access more.

Download the HF Whizz app from Google Playstore or the Apple store. start saving and transacting, pay bills, get loans , track your money and free yourself from bank queues.
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