Start-Up review: Herdy

We live in a world where we buy convenience as part of our daily expenses. We have turned to e-commerce to purchase everything under the sky. I however don’t trust products online as i tried a while back and totally got a different thing.

A month ago,  friend introduced e to Herdy. You see, i love cooking and i do it whether i am happy or sad. My favourite meal to prepare is chicken and potatoes. Like i have a signature meal that all my friends know. This means that i love my meat cuts and i move from one butchery to the next to get good meat. Most butcheries sell beef and goat meat. You have to move to a bigger butchery for pork and fish .

This is where comes in. With Herdy, you can order affordable, diversified fresh meat & fish sourced from local farmers delivered right at your door step. From a variety of cuts, you simply select what you want, set a delivery date and time and check out your order using Mpesa. It takes a maximum of 5 minutes if you know what you want.

They deliver every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday between 6 – 8am, 9 – 11am, 12 – 2pm and 3 -5pm. The delivery is made 48 hours after your order is confirmed. Currently, they only deliver within Nairobi.

You get to save money as their online platforms reduce infrastructure cost, and pass on the huge savings back to you!

If you have a party and need a big order, give them a call on +254 733 260 731 and they can organize great discounts.

You can also download their app on google play.