Steps to inherit Mpesa money as next of kin

You are not supposed to share your PIN. So, what happens to money in the Mpesa account if a person passes on?

Safaricom has set up measures to enable the next of kin inherit that Mpesa money. If you’re in this position, you can claim the money even if the deceased did not leave a will. This is as long as you do everything by the book (or the steps below).

Anyone who wishes to access a deceased Mpesa account, as next of kin, should present the documents listed here to a Safaricom retail store. Better be armed with copies of the documents as well:

1. Death certificate

The death certificate ensures that the deceased Mpesa account is frozen. Note, a burial permit cannot be used in place of a death certificate.

2. ID card of next of kin

Your national ID card confirms if you are indeed next of kin. This reduces chance of a false claim to a deceased Mpesa money.

3. Grant of Probate

A Grant of Probate gives the claimant power to manage the deceased’s Mpesa money, as stated by a will. It is obtained from the Probate and Administration court.

4. Grant of Letters of Administration

What if the deceased leaves no will? Letters of Administration can be issued by the Probate and Administration court to avoid disputes. This is given if you satisfy the court to be the legal representative of the deceased’s property or assets, which includes Mpesa account balance.

5. Statutory declaration (affidavit)

This is administered by the Commissioner of Oaths to ascertain the relationship between the next of kin and the deceased. Other facts are also put down.

6. Confirmation of Probate or Letters of Administration

The confirmation, issued by a court, names beneficiaries and portions of their entitlement to the deceased’s property. This document helps tie lose ends.

7. Letter from Provincial Administration

The chief, or any other such administrator, will issue a letter detailing a few other details about deceased. They include, full names of the deceased and area he or she was from. This document is used in place of Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration

8. Inherit Mpesa money

The final part involves filling out a form regarding a few details about you, next of kin, and documents presented. The claim form can be downloaded here.

The money will be transferred to a registered Mpesa account. There is no other way of accessing the money.

If nobody shows to claim the money or the Mpesa account remains dormant for 2 years, Safaricom is obligated to give it to the Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority (UFAA). UFAA has its own process of claiming a deceased financial assets.

This trouble can be avoided by registering your Mpesa next of kin now – and for free. All you need to do is dial *234#.

Then choose 2 (My Mpesa Information):

Mpesa Next of Kin

On the second prompt box, choose 6 (Next of Kin):

Mpesa Next of Kin services

You will then be required to enter your BONGA PIN to access Next of Kin services. We pray you live for a very long time, by the way.