Photo: Mutua Matheka

#SuccessStoryKE by YEN Africa

Join other young entrepreneurs at #SuccessStoryKE this May and learn about the journey to becoming a success as an entrepreneur. The meet is organized by YEN Africa.

YEN Africa stands for Young Entrepreneurs Network Africa. They are a 6 year old online community of young entrepreneurs in Africa. The community has over 20,000 members.


YEN Africa organizes #SuccessStoryKE on 26th May, 2016. The event invites guest speakers who share insight on their journey as entrepreneurs. The discussions are centered on the particular theme of that month.

May 2016’s theme for #SuccessStoryKE is on Youth venturing into business and thriving in Kenya.  Book your space for the event to be held at I&M Building, Africa Garage, from 5pm to 8pm.