Technovation Challenge 2019

Technovation Challenge 2019 for teams of girls

Technovation Challenge 2019 invites teams of girls from all over the world to learn and apply skills to become entrepreneurs and leaders.

Technovation Challenge 2019 will be an opportunity, for girls, to acquire skills for solving real-world problems through technology. How? The girls will identify problems and create mobile app solutions to address them.


Successful applicants will also be mentored on preparing business plans and pitching, by learning how to communicate ideas. And to translate them into fully launched businesses.

Kenya is no stranger to Technovation. In fact, a group of Kenyan girls finished second as far back as 2016. Technovation Challenge 2019 is open to girls aged between 10 and 18, in teams of no more than 5 members.

There will be two categories to compete in:

  • Junior Division – 10 to 14 years old
  • Senior Division – 15 to 18 years old

Of course, a parental consent form is one of the requirements of making an application. You know a group of girls ready for this? Are you one? Deadline for application is 20th March, 2019. It’s never too soon.

Visit the Official Webpage and learn more.