TED 2020 Idea Search

TED 2020 Idea Search (speak at TED Vancouver)

Kenyans have a lot to say on so many things, don’t you think? You could just be the one given a major platform to share your thoughts through TED 2020 Idea Search.

TED Talks are a series of conferences for “ideas worth spreading.” They can never be exhausted. TED 2020 Idea Search initiative was launched to find even more ideas from all corners of the world. From these, a group will be invited to speak at TED Vancouver, in Canada. All costs towards this will be catered for.


You don’t need to have public speaking experience to be considered for this. Only your idea matters. Ask yourself these questions, and answer at least one with a yes:

  1. Are you working on a novel invention, design or vision?
  2. Do you have a thoughtful approach to a universally shared problem?
  3. Are you an explorer who has discovered something strange and amazing?

You will then need to film a 1-minute summary of your idea. The quality of the video won’t be as important; you can use your smartphone to record it. Upload your video to Vimeo or YouTube using the following criteria: 

  • Title (your name)
  • TED Idea Search Video (name of your talk)
  • E.g: Florence Kamaitha – Why small businesses are very important in Kenya

Do all this and you will have completed submission of your application for TED 2020 Idea Search. Deadline for application is 29th May, 2019. Visit the official website to learn more.