The 4 small business duties you should not delegate

Women entrepreneurs usually adopt a transformational leadership style. This means they try to get into the hearts and minds of their employees. If you use this method there can be misgivings that you are “soft” and, therefore, not cut for leadership. But that’s talk you should not pay too much attention to.

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You should watch out not to be too accommodative. For instance, you may opt to make decisions by consensus and consultations more times than there is time for. Remember, your business has to be driven by your preference to a high degree. When you choose to be an entrepreneur, you are choosing to have strategic control over your work life. You don’t just take instructions to achieve deliverables of the day. You get to know why a particular thing is being done; and why it’s at that moment.

Don’t take charge of affairs by being a mean woman. A better way is by having aspects of your business in which you have the last say. By now, you know that a good entrepreneur delegates some business functions. Nobody is good at everything. All the same, there are also duties which are best left to your wisdom. The reason is to ensure everything about your small businesses remains aligned to your singular goal of being an entrepreneur. Perhaps your goal is to be rich. You surely then won’t allow marketing, for example, to drain away much needed money.

But what are these specific functions not to delegate? We have a few we have reasoned out. It should go without mention, of course, that business is not a science. You can find better practices in your entrepreneurship journey that even we have not heard of yet. If you do, please share in the comments below 🙂

Here’s our list of 4 things a small business owner should not delegate:


This is so obvious. Don’t you think? Nobody else is as suited as you to determine the future direction of your business. Yes, you can ask around. You can read too. You should. But the final say should fit your personality and the circumstances around your life. Answer: how would getting a child affect your business? Or another one? Plan your future 


Can employees be a viable source of funds for a small business? Anyway, it is up to you to ensure that your business is financed. We can only share in empathy. It is you who decides what source of money suits your needs. You negotiate repayment terms or what you’ll offer in return. Money is closely tied to your entrepreneurship project so never take it for granted (as if you needed us to tell you.. ).

Marketing Goal

Yes, girl! Marketing can be described in numbers – read this – and you know those don’t lie. Unlike men (haha). The reason you should decide which goal to pursue is because in a small business marketing is tied to production. And production eats up your working capital. Only you have enough information to determine what sales goals you eye and, as such, how marketing will aid you in realising them.


You need to know, quite well, the individuals working in your business. It means you need to oversee the recruitment process even if there is help along the way. You set the qualifications for the job and you ensure you’re there for first impressions with your prospective employee. Small business teams need more trust than competence is some way. So, employ good people.