The beauty of entrepreneurship few talk about

I think entrepreneurship is a beautiful thing”   –  Jason Calacanis

You and I always talk about entrepreneurship everyday. We get caught up in the ‘hows’ and ‘whats’ of making whatever amounts of money we need to make. We really get absorbed on issues of employees, suppliers and customers. But you and I don’t give enough time for the human side of entrepreneurship.

This is that part which inspires you to become an entrepreneur and solve people’s problems. It becomes even more personal if it’s a problem you have struggled with before. Have you had this kind of motivation?

I came across such a person. A woman. Her name is Julie Okonda. What I learnt from her is that setbacks are setbacks. There is little you can do about them. But one thing you must do, is that you should never allow a problem to keep you down. What would you overcome, in this life, if not problems? You feel me?

Julie Okonda’s story
Julie Okonda
Julie Okonda

Julie is an entrepreneur. Julie is also a mother of 4 kids, all under the age of 5, would you believe. So, now you have no more excuses. We demand your success story here. During her second pregnancy, she developed vaginal thrush.

This was not even the first time. She had this problem for most of her life and she told me that it really slowed down her lifestyle. Good news. Many women suffering like her, in secret, will be happy to know that she found a final solution.

What Julie did next

Julie Okonda tried all kinds of concoctions, peddled as home remedies, and visited many different pharmacies to buy all sorts of ointments, pills, you name it. One day, she chanced upon an antifungal, antibacterial drug from abroad and it worked in 3 days. She decided to start her journey of making that very product so that other women would not endure her years of pain.

With some help, she worked hard to find the ingredients that cured her condition for good. In the end, she settled on an all-natural combination of Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, and the miracle plant, Neem. Aloe Vera is a natural remedy against itching and inflammation. Tea Tree Oil is a natural deodorant and Neem is an impressive natural healer.

These three were put to test in a lab to come up with a formula. The formula was approved by KEBS and Julie could now create her product called Aruba at Herbal Garden Kenya Limited, in Kikuyu.


Aruba is a natural feminine intimate care cosmetic. It ends vaginal itch, odour, discharge and discomfort brought on by inflammation in only 3 days. Testimonials, on the Facebook group Julie created, confirm this truth.

She joked to me that, probably, the reason she could come up with Aruba at all was because her great grandmother, who shares her name, was one of those herbal doctors of old times. The ones who make you drink stuff bitter than a heartbreak. So, she shares in that blood and comes from that lineage.

Julie Okonda loves that she is solving a problem for women. She is selling Aruba for only sh.500. It’s a gel that comes in a small tab of 60ml.

60ml gel in small tab

Does she have a wide distribution of her cosmetic product? Not as much as he would like. Any small manufacturer in Kenya will tell you that it’s difficult to get products ‘out there’. In fact, if you would like to be a wholesaler or a distributor of Aruba you can talk to Julie anytime,

Nevertheless, she has been able to take it to Kenyan women as far as Kisumu and Eldoret. Aruba is also available online and by home delivery.

Where you can find Aruba


  1. Aruba for Women website
  2. Cocoa Cure Kenya


  1. 0721716419, Beauty Techniques Salon, Moi Avenue Central Building
  2. 0718533596, Ashandy Beauty Shop, Fairlane House 1st floor
  3. 0722500923 (call Getrude – delivery), Tetezzo Shop no. 313 A, Pioneer Kenyatta Avenue
  4. Naima Cosmetics Shop 54, Nextgen Mall, Mombasa Road
  5. Muthoni Cosmetic, River Road
  6. Beauty Wholsale, Mama Ngina Street branch


  1. 0722435484 (call Susan)


  1. 0729483263 (call Madam Katiba – delivery)


  1. Hoddies Black Fragrance, Zion Mall 1st floor, room 12

Keep in touch, ask questions by clicking to visit Aruba’s Facebook page and Instagram profile