The key to personal branding: be you!

Have you ever left a meeting or a gathering and you started to wonder what those left behind were saying about you? Are there times you feel like someone is talking about you to someone else and you wonder what things they are saying?

Your personal brand is the answer to all the above questions. Your personal brand is your uniqueness of skills and experiences. It differentiates you from everyone else.

If you don’t take control of your personal brand, you will miss out on opportunities to grow yourself, your business and your career.

But building a personal brand is hard work. It will require you to devote your time and energy. If you do not brand yourself, you can be sure other people will brand you.

Here is why you have little choice but to devote your energies to it:

Personal branding is content you have total control of.

Since it is all about how you dress, talk, laugh, and interact plus other small details; you may think no one notices. This is exactly why you have total control of who people see you to be.

…it’s all you…not them


Your brand is your voice. Think of it like you just met someone. Before talking to them and they telling you about themselves, you already have an opinion of them. Same for you.

How then can you improve the brand you have already built? Dare to be yourself, however frightening that self may prove to be.


Is it not too much work trying to be someone else? Don’t be scared to present the real you to the world, authenticity is at the heart of success – Unknown.

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