The keys to increasing your business exposure

Gone are the days when business exposure meant hanging a shingle with the business name on it.

In this day and age, every business must face the hurdles related to marketing of the business itself; as well as the respective services and products.

But business exposure should not feel like a chore. Adding some creativity to promotional ideas will go a long way in getting your business well known.

Here are some creative ways to put your business outchea

Ensure that your product is unique and very good.

How exciting would it be to hear a group of people discussing about your product in a positive way? Having a quality and well targeted products and services ensures that people are talking about it. This will gain you referrals, which increase the familiarity of your business.

Go into joint ventures

Identify other businesses who target the same customers as you but are not direct competitors. An example is when a florist offers a discount to customers at a bridal shop.The two businesses gain exposure by working together (Read about 7 more ways women entrepreneurs can work together).

Become a sponsor

Being a sponsor at an event gives you face to face interaction with the attendee and presents branding opportunities. Look for events where you would find your potential customers and sponsor it.

Be Visible

Location is the first consideration in this case. How convenient is your location? Is there drive by and foot traffic? How accessible is it? Is there parking for customers? Is the neighborhood safe? All these affects quality of your business exposure.

Ensure that your business sign is visible to both pedestrians and vehicular traffic. An eye catching sign has legible font and is identifiable. If a customer cannot make sense of the sign, it is unlikely that they will come to you.

Be active on social media

This allows you to interact and engage with your customers. Ensure that you post at least once or twice in a day. If your business is image oriented, take very good pictures and post them. If you have a blog, create good content that will make the customers to want to come back and read more.

Host events

They could be charity events or fundraisers, this will get the attention of both customers and prospects. You could also organize workshops and invite other players within your industry. You can even have a class to teach people who are interested in what you do.

Creativity and knowing your target group is all you need to get your business brand out there.