The S Factory program for startups with women founders (equity-free funding)


Startups with at least one woman founder are welcomed to apply for The S Factory pre-accelerator program 2018.

The S Factory is under Startup Chile; a public accelerator. The accelerator was started in 2010 by Chile to position itself as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. Chile is the most developed country in Latin and South America.

2018 S Factory program is searching for tech related high impact projects that will receive training and financing. There is also a fully funded trip to Chile.

The initiative is for early stage startups aged 6 months or less. This means ideas, right teams or prototype level startups can apply. They must also have at least one female founder. The woman should be 100% committed to the business – this means not employed elsewhere or studying. She must also be available to attend the 12-week S Factory pre-accelerator program in Santiago, Chile.

The workshops and trainings undertaken will help the startups get to Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The S Factory will also hand to them sh.1.5 million ($15,000) equity-free financing.

Do you want to do this? Deadline for application is 20th June, 2018. Visit the official website to learn more and apply.


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