The vicious cycle that kills a business – Part Two

You can read the first part before you proceed

A rolling stone gathers no moss. A business that gets caught up in a downward spiral needs a radical transformation in order to stop itself. See the following signs as you evaluate yourself and your business:

Fire-fighting consistently will distract you from the consistently building your operations. You won’t have the time to establish yourself correctly. Fire-fighting leads you to rush the execution of work and portrays sloppiness.

The business may be demanding and time intensive; but having no personal time is detrimental. If there is nothing of yourself to put into the business any longer, then how will it take off? A whole person needs to delicately balance their personal life and career.

As necessary as it may seem, this song shouldn’t be on replay. The soundtrack title is “Debt! Debt! Debt!” Its lyrics are composed of cash flows eating into your capital. No matter how good it may sound, you will not thrive with it being on the top of your playlists continually.

The uncertainty of closing down at anytime ushers in insecurity, which you may be able to handle well, but if your staff cannot take, will spell trouble as they seek security.

Perpetual fear of regulators and compliance officers is another invitation of harmful uncertainty. The lines are clear: you will either comply and thrive or take shortcuts and be cut short.

The risk of severe stress related illnesses will kill both energy and focus. Don’t allow the work ethic to kill your body slowly.

Major discouragement may arise when you compare your personal lifestyle to that of employed friends. You have to come to terms with the lifestyle of entrepreneurs. It involves a lot of discipline and sacrifice. Such comparisons will dissuade and sidetrack you; beware of it.