This is why a business process must fit employees, not the other way round

Every entrepreneur comes to that point when there is a downturn and things have to get back on track. But what should be improved? The business process or the people?

Every small business owner aspires to reaching the point where the business is not entirely dependent on his/her active involvement to continue functioning. This is considered to be an indicator that a business is doing well. This is what process entails.

You want to have a means of getting to your goal. The features of processes include having schedules and clear goals. So every time improvement is needed, the question of ‘do I need a better system?’ is answered. When things are not going right, you don’t blame individuals, you look at how individuals go about their work.

One can argue that people make up any system. And that you need the right individuals for the right system that you have in mind. It means, you would need to spend most of your effort managing people. After all, people are different and processes can end up stifling these differences to bad effect.

I saw a funny question asked, “how long can you pretend to be working, at your desk, before you’re caught?” And another responded by saying that he’s done it for 3 years, gotten a promotion and doubled his salary. Are you reading this during work hours?


That is one of the things that happen when a business process is given too much emphasis.

Not only do your employees fail to feel invested in what is going on but they also have little drive to do more than the bare minimum. This is why it is reported that everyone is passively looking for a better job.

Processes are needed because we all have to compromise to achieve common goals. But they must be shaped by people and not the other way round as most tend to do. You must develop the right business process for the caliber of personnel at hand.  Rather than look for the right pieces to fit in your jigsaw puzzle.