Africa Startups Challenge
Photo: Telegraph

Thomson Reuters, VC4A Africa Startups Challenge 2016

Apply for Thomson Reuters’ and Venture Capital For Africa’s 2016 Africa Startups Challenge and earn the chance to accelerate growth of your business.

Thomson Reuters, in conjunction with Venture Capital For Africa (VC4A), is inviting African startups to apply for the Africa Startups Challenge 2016.

The initiative opens an opportunity for startups to partner with Thomson Reuters; a global financial service and professional information company. Through this partnership, African businesses can leverage the dynamism of emerging markets to surpass the current players.

FinTech (Financial Technology) is the sector eyed; alongside related industries:

  • Agri-Tech
  • Big data analytics
  • BlockChain
  • Digital government
  • Education
  • Internet of things
  • Media-Tech
  • Mobile technology
  • Supply chain

Besides partnership with Thomson Reuters, African entrepreneurs will increase visibility of their startups through Eikon. They will also attend Thomson Reuters Africa Summit 2016 and receive cash prize (s).

30th May, 2016 is the deadline for applications. Get involved in the Africa Startups Challenge.