Tuskys and KCB Group Foundation launch #LionMeetsTuskys program

Tuskys and KCB Foundation have launched the #LionMeetsTuskys, a program that will see over 13000 young people get transformed and empowered.

The launch of the ambitious, #LionMeetsTuskys, programme was based on an assessment of these needs, which will see Tuskys recruiting and training 1,500 interns annually for the next five years.

The program targets youth, who have limited opportunity, in marginalized areas or lack resources to seek out the training and job opportunities offered by the program.

The partnership with KCB Foundation for the second batch of interns will see Tuskys train over 800 interns between this June and September. The model for application is simple; it is pegged on a unique model that will see Tuskys Customers with Loyalty cards log onto our online portal on the Tuskys website and upload 2 CVs of their candidates of choice.

For those that don’t have the Tusky’s loyalty card, they can visit any branch and apply for one with their national identity card

Support for young farmers

#LionMeetsTuskys will also facilitate over 12,000 youth in contract farming to supply farm produce to Tuskys supermarket. KCB Foundation through the multi-billion Tujiajiri Program will provide asset financing and working capital to young farmers, while Tuskys will on the other hand provide market for the farm produce in its 54 stores

Speaking at the Launch of the #LionMeetsTusks,Mr. Ngeny Biwott ,the Group Chairman of KCB group said,  ‘The 2jiajiri program is a foundation that the economy of the East African region will be built on” He also said that as a country, we should not be importing labour as we have alot of unemployed youth with no opportunities. We should start small and build big and this is the right time to do it.

Have you applied for the #2jiajiri programme?