Business idea in Kenya

4 unique business ideas in Kenya no one has started copying yet

All business ideas in Kenya listings you come across tell you the same stuff over and over. Remember QuailMania? It’s because of the tendency to copy a trend. Well, here are 4 unique opportunities few are reaping from.

Aren’t you just tired of being told of ‘business ideas in Kenya’ that turn out to be side hustles everyone you know is making small profit margins at? You’re not even told how to differentiate your product or services in the market. Screw that, here are 4 opportunities pioneers are minting cash from and aren’t being copied yet.


Growing crops and keeping livestock is all the rage right now. You know, ICT sector is also all the rage in Kenya right now. Agriculture in Kenya is in need of tech-based support platforms. One firm that knows this is Mfarm. They connect farmers to markets using mobile phones. What e-agriculture does is that it avails, the valuable resource of, information to people involved in this sector. Knowledge optimizes efficiency thus improves productivity. You can use among a multitude of channels like text, video, photos and even audio format. Get out there and make our agriculture more productive.

2.Financial Services

Your typical Kenyan middle class (I’m sorry for using this buzzword) has an 1/8 acre, somewhere, he or she is speculating with. Shame on y’all. Mostly it’s because many people just don’t know where to invest. Kenya is rated as having one of the more sophisticated financial sectors in Africa yet only 4% trade in the stock market. Some have seen this gap and are availing tailored financial services. For instance, insurance penetration is only 2% and some peeps somewhere are now offering agriculture insurance or micro-insurance for your phone.



Universities in Kenya have rapidly copied each other in introducing e-Learning programs; surprise surprise. Even the Government dished out laptops. Why are you not yet digital? Ditch that book. Kenya’s struggling education sector will be happy to cut costs if you can set up e-Libraries or e-Book facilities for them. I’m not talking about those run by universities that nobody uses. I’m talking about that std 7 school girl who breaks her back every day with a bag full of calendar covered books.



In Europe they now employ data collection to run their football teams. We, on the other hand, had to rebase our GDP because something something we suck at collecting data. I mentioned information earlier and indeed it is an important resource in making sound decisions. Today, money is paid to foreign firms to oversee or collect data in Kenya for Kenyans (I’m not bringing up Kenyans for Kenyan, I swear). Don’t you want to be famous like Angela Ambitho?