Wangari Maathai Impact Award

Wangari Maathai Impact Award (trip to Canada)

What does Wangari Maathai remind you of? Is it that you, an individual, can make a big difference? Nominate yourself then or someone you feel deserves the 2019 Wangari Maathai Impact Award.

The Wangari Maathai Impact Award will be recognizing the efforts by Africans to make a difference. This is by application of machine learning and artificial intelligence.


The awards ceremony will take place at the Deep Learning Indaba in Nairobi, later in the year. A prize money of sh.700,000 will be given to the winner. This winner, could be you or someone you know, will be fully-sponsored to attend a machine learning meet in Vancouver, Canada in 2019.

What exactly does Wangari Maathai Impact Award mean by making a difference through machine learning and artificial learning? It means in any way these tools can be used to transform African society for the better. Are you helping others develop skills in these fields? Get nominated. Have you done research showing the importance of these fields? Get nominated. Or are you a full-on, hands-on tech startup? Don’t wait, get nominated.

The award is open to individuals, teams or organization from any African country. As implied, you can nominate yourself or someone who deserves the award.

Nomination is completed through an online application form, that we’ve shared at the end of this article. The procedure also requires supporting letters, of maximum 600 words, from anyone familiar with the impactful work. The strength of these letters will be useful in picking the winner.

Deadline for nominations is 12th April, 2019. Visit the official website to learn more about Wangari Maathai Impact Award.

Or you can just go ahead and fill the nomination form.