Websites every woman entrepreneur in Kenya should bookmark

One of the difficult things about being a woman entrepreneur in Kenya is finding a place of similar minds and experience. Thanks to the internet, women entrepreneurs can discover these with minimal effort.

We’ve sift through the internet to find you sites to absolutely bookmark if you are a woman entrepreneur.

1. HerBusiness

Kudos! You are doing well seeing that you are already here. HerBusiness is an online magazine looking to equip you; the woman entrepreneur in Kenya. Equipping you to start and grow your business. You get startup advice, tons of opportunities plus lessons and inspiration from women entrepreneurs in Kenya.

2. She Leads Africa

This site highlights successful women entrepreneurs in Africa. Obviously, one of our own has to be in the mix. She Leads Africa has a vision to help young African women achieve their professional dreams. They also nailed it on the site’s name.

3. Lionesses of Africa

I am not making a lion joke; the rest of you shouldn’t too. Lionesses in Africa is an online community of women entrepreneurs. You have to sign up to join the community. They share their stories and inspire one another to succeed.

4. How We Made It In Africa

 Content is immediately implied by the site’s name. How We Made It In Africa is a website that gives insight into business in Africa. This includes Kenya. There is also plenty of talk from big shots on how they started and on their journey to the top.

5. VC4Africa

 VC4Africa started in 2008 as a networking group. Today it’s the largest community for venture capitalists, Angel investors and entrepreneurs in Africa. On top of the opportunity to raise capital, VC4Africa offers free online tools and mentorship opportunities for African entrepreneurs.