A few things Kenya’s Women Representatives should deliver for women entrepreneurs

Women who dare pursue entrepreneurial ventures are significantly underfunded. Even when they can overcome this obstacle, their failure can be imminent, because they lack the mentors to guide them.

More opportunities should be extended to women to lead through increased board opportunities and to contribute more to significant decision-making processes.

Kenya’s Women Representatives are in a position to help women entrepreneurs in Kenya to grow and increase their profits. They can do this by:

1.Help build connections with successful women entrepreneurs from outside Kenya.

No one understands the challenges facing women entrepreneurs better than other women entrepreneurs. Through forums and conferences, Kenya’s Women Representatives can help build connections between rising female business owners and their more established peers.

2.Engage men, too.

They should also organize training programs that can change the attitude of men, making them more open to accepting women as potential business partners. Even when the goal is to empower women, it is illogical to work exclusively with women.

3.Facilitate their savings Groups

Kenya’s Women Representatives should encourage women to form saving groups to enable them to save and borrow money. They can chip in and help reduce the cost of borrowing, through legislation.

There are many women entrepreneurs out there, waiting for an opportunity to transform their livelihoods, their families, and their community. By providing the right kind of support, Kenya’s Women Representatives can help unlock that potential.