What you didn’t know about how you influence your business

We’ve probably said it before. Small business owners have a tendency of treating their businesses as an extension of themselves. This has positives. At the end of the day, though, it holds your business back from its potential.

How? The first reason is obvious. If you base your business on your personality, your flaws are part of the package. Everyone is flawed, unfortunately.

Secondly, a strong business is founded on replicable systems. This means that whatever you do in business can be repeated elsewhere – imagine how easy your side-hustles would become. It also means that your business can function, just as fine, without your presence.

Small business management is more “hand-on.” So, we would never ask you to completely detach your personality from the business. Instead, we will talk about using your personality to build a better work culture in your business. There is going to be good things about you to emphasize, even your ex ones made you smile, and concerns to watch over.

Your personality and your business

An example of an aspect to watch over is recruitment or hiring. You may not even notice it but small business owners like employing people who are more like them. Values, mannerisms, the whole bit. It does make communication easy. Unfortunately, it all adds up into a team of “you’s.” It’s not that you’re not an okay human. It’s that we all need the different voice (s) to challenge us. In business, it’s called receiving input from different sources to aid your final decision. You should try and give more emphasis to track-record rather than the interviews; especially because small business interviews are informal (jokey-joke) and filled with laughs.

Moreover, your employees live by your tolerances. If the boss is works hardest then everyone will feel a little guilty about leaving right on the clock. Yes, us Kenyans can work hard sometimes.


You can use this “secret” of tolerances to develop excellent workmanship in your business. We have had enough of Kenyans complaining that sellers try to con them and that customer service is awful. Your team needs to live by your benchmark. Like, what standard of work will piss off the boss before we even consider the customer.

How do you get there? You improve yourself. Don’t even proclaim it on a WhatsApp status or wherever. Just get down to it and let the results speak for themselves – I will notice what that dress makes you look like myself, thank you.

The secret to being better is remain consistent at being better. It’s painful but you have to get on with it. Don’t try a new communication technique or eating habit then relapse a few weeks or days later. And you know what? The discipline will also be reflected in your business.