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Which is the cheapest mobile service provider in Kenya?

A real entrepreneur is defined by two things. You should be an optimist and you should always consider costs to be your enemy. An entrepreneur always wants to minimize costs.

Costs cut your profits, eat into your working capital and reduce the amount you can raise to reinvest back into the business. This means that a few bad months can take down your business. You must therefore always track the cost of doing business. Especially hidden costs like the money you spend on your mobile phone.

We suggested that entrepreneurs who use their mobile phone for work be on the lookout for the best deals (read, in case you missed it). Some offers are permanent but others are ever changing. This makes it difficult for your busy self to keep up with who is the cheapest mobile service provider in Kenya.

No worries, we have done the research. By reading this you will also have done your research, congrats. When doing a comparison you should go the whole mile. In this case, look at the SMS, Voice and Data packages on offer. Our mobile service providers like to class their deals depending on its duration. This makes it easy to compare.

Which is the cheapest?

All three mobile service providers love selling their daily bundles. Why? Because it’s the easiest way for you to lose money. If you don’t get the best value for money, those little daily sums could eat away your holiday stash. 

Airtel, Orange and Safaricom all have affordable daily data bundles; ranging from sh.9 to sh.100. Airtel goes further, with its UnlimiNet offer, and gives you equally affordable talk time and SMS packages at no extra charge. Moreover, you will continue to use WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook even after that dreaded ‘data bundle is finished’ message. This can be for when you finish your workday and want to chat.

It’s the same story if you are an elitist entrepreneur who uses weekly and monthly prepaid plans. While the range of price and data offered is similar (from sh.50 to a couple thousand shillings notes), Airtel UnlimiNet edges the others by giving you talk time and SMS. This makes Airtel the cheapest provider in Kenya.

Thus, if you want to save money (so you can push down interest rates) choose the best value for what you spend on your phone.