Why you need a female mentor

Women fall under the underrepresented group of entrepreneurs, thus making it essential for us to not only have mentors but also have them as female mentors. Your mentor should be able to guide you along your business path and choosing the right one is an invaluable asset.

It is universally known that women are more empathetic than men. Female mentors are able to relate to your problem and give specific solutions because in most cases they have been where you are. That alone gives you reassurance that your issue is not unfamiliar and you are not alone.

If you are a woman in business or just starting up, a female mentor will model the greater diversity of women’s lives today, and that diversity is one thing you will need to get right. There are women thriving in their personal and professional lives and that kind of energy is what you will need to push you to greater heights. They can do it and so can you. These women live enviable lives and there is no shame in wanting to be like them. There is also no shame in approaching them with a request to have them as a mentor.

Does your business have female customers? If yes, then a female mentor is good for your business because she will help you to cultivate relationships with your customers as well as help you provide the services that they want. Female mentors offer an important perspective that we simply can’t get from male colleagues or superiors.

Having a female mentor is also a learning curve for both you and your mentor. You learn how to build on each other’s strengths and resources, without having to worry about power equality. More often than not, such mentorship relationships also build self confidence, communication and leadership skills. This may sound a bit foreign because women are their own worst enemies but there are some genuine women who you can look up to and who can support your progression.

Because of gender disparities, female mentors create a better workplace culture by helping to improve equality. With equality comes creativity and innovation, things that drive the industry.

You may not be fortunate enough to find a good female mentor at your first try but be encouraged; if at first you do not succeed, dust yourself up and try again.