Women are always right: 6 signs you’ve made the right decision

We want more women sitting in those important offices and making the tough leadership decisions. These roles require that you have some kind of mean streak. Why? You can’t always please everyone with your choices. Neither will you always be able bring along your moral views – like what’s fair or not.

To get to that level, it starts with you being comfortable with typical life choices. Are your habits always coming back to bite? Let’s change that if “yes.” You can always be sure that you have made the right decision in business, or other aspects of your life, if the following results:

When you make the decision
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Who is more your type? You can only pick one!

You are on the right track if you are decisive. Pick a side like sports fans. Don’t be like those people who get into a matatu and are too slow to pick a seat. For one, you need to be quick at making decisions because small businesses management requires that kind of thing. It also means that you are not afraid of being wrong. This quality will help you exploit business opportunities ahead of everyone else.

When you’re worst fears don’t come to pass


It probably won’t come to pass. This is not only because that negative voice in your head trying to limit you is BS. It’s also because we trust you to come up with contigency plans when making business decisons. Plan B is what enables successful people seem to wriggle out of anything.

When you’re preferred outcome is the result

Or something close.

This is obvious. Sometimes you may have such a run that you can’t stop winning. Woah, slow down. Success builds your confidence but you need to watch out. Many successful individuals let it get into their heads. They actually end up believing that everything they utter, think or tweet is the shit. I guess this is why we change leaders by the vote. You don’t want to be the lady in the room who knows everything. It will breed complacency and expand your blindspots (we all have them).

When you can sleep at night
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You could be faced with a stressful fix. Remain positive. And when you make decisions refrain from regrets and pondering over what’s done. Only us regular people are allowed to do that. The decision you make is your closure. You’re better placed to prepare dealing with the consequences rather than living in the past.

When they come to you, again

Being good at something is like being rich or very beautiful – there’s nothing more to prove. Do you get off being told you’re beautiful anymore? For the umpteenth time on another day? You will know you’re made for making right decisions when people use you as the reference point. Your friends will get you free drinks or food to consult you. Your work team will have to love having you around. It’s a sign that you’re onto something and should probably never change.

When tougher questions follow

It is said that problems never end. There, that’s what adulting is. The decision on your part is to pick what kind of problems you want in your life. For example, you want your business to grow. And this will increase the stakes in your choices and require greater nuance in your perspective. Yet, this is exactly what you should want in life. All the best.