YALI East Africa
Photo: YALI East Africa

YALI East Africa fellowship for young people (cohort 33 and 34)

Young people in Kenya are invited to be part of the latest edition of YALI East Africa’s fellowship program. Fellows will develop skills in business, civic leadership and public management.

YALI stands for Young African Leaders Initiative. It has four regional leadership centers on the continent. The one serving East Africa is in Nairobi. The YALI fellowship program intends to develop a better generation of leaders in both the public and private domains.

This is achieved through the 3 tracks of study. You will gain skills in these areas:

  1. Business and Entrepreneurship – for entrepreneurs who look to take leadership roles in the private sector
  2.  Civic Leadership –  engagement to public service from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community-based organizations or volunteerism
  3. Public Management – tailored for those aspiring to work in any level of government or regional and international organizations emphasizing public service

YALI fellows will also develop skills on innovation, communication, teamwork and much more. Did we ever mention that you’ll get a nice Sunday afternoon t-shirt? Here it is:

YALI East Africa
Photo: YALI East Africa

The fellowship is open to all young people aged 18 to 35 years old. You must promise to remain committed to all of the 4 weeks of the program. Citizens from the 14 countries making up YALI East Africa are eligibile to apply for this fully funded program: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, DR Congo, Congo, Central African Republic, Burundi.

There will be more after the program. YALI fellowship alumni benefit from “exclusive opportunities.” One includes access to the transformatiom fund, which helps recepients to mobilize resources for community benefitting activities like workshops. Alumni can also give back through volunteer engagement. With this, you can help in YALI activities like hosting trainings.

You can learn more about and apply for the YALI East Africa fellowship on the official website. Deadline to apply and be part of cohort 33 and 34 is 11th February, 2019.