Your business depends on you

It would be a big shame if you were a young person in Kenya and not optimistic about the future. Youth is all about being optimistic. We have years ahead of us to become grumpy.

Yes, job opportunities are not aplenty as they were when we started school. This is when you change your mindset. As a young person in Kenya, you’re super smart thanks to all that schooling you’ve been through. You’re worldly as hell. You’re in the best position ever to take risks. I understand that not all of us are cut out for greatness in this only life (we likely won’t be in heaven, friend). But hey, take your chances.

Many young Kenyans are answering this call. They’ve started their own businesses and remain really ambitious about what they feel they can accomplish in the next few years. They’ll probably beat the Government to Vision 2030. I know you’re off the blocks as well just run harder. In fact, we did feature Kenyan women under the age of 25 making moves in entrepreneurship.

One of the things you’ll learn from those girls is that your business relies entirely on you. You have to direct everything in the beginning to not only get what you envision, but also set the standards for what anyone else who joins you down the road should produce. This means you have to take care of your personal life. A small business is an extension of who you are.

This presents a problem. As young people, we simply must enjoy life. If your idea is being in a book club, fantastic, #IfikieWazazi. If you prefer to get turnt up give me your phone number, haha. On a serious note, though, you’re allowed to make mistakes as a young person. Still, you have to agree that there’s a minimum sense of responsibility or wisdom that you must show. You don’t want to make life altering mistakes you can’t reverse.

One of the biggest alterations you can make is having a child. It affects your prospects. Remember how your business is tied to your personal life? When you have a baby, you’ve just added a third consideration. Congrats.

Do you want to be a parent and you’re not ready financially? Are you confident that your relationship is mature enough to bring a baby to the world – one partner will not bolt? Do you want these worries stinging your mind everytime you have sex or after you’re done? Sex is psychological you know.

Think about contraceptives. I know there are a lot of myths about their supposed harmful effects. Confirm things with a doctor. It’s not true that “mtoto anakuja na sahani yake“either. What is true is that women empowerment is based on financial freedom, education and control over reproductive rights. Just by being here, odds are that you’ve cleared the first two.

For the last one, you need to be aware of all the contraceptive options  you have. Each has its degree of invasiveness, level of effectiveness and cost you must part with. “Pulling out” is one of the least effective methods to use. Leave risk-taking to entrepreneurship. Birth control pills and condoms only scratch the surface but you must keep them in mind.

Go talk to a doctor and decide on how you want to take charge of your life and business. You will also help yourself a lot by reading this.