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Is your mobile phone a hidden business cost? Here’s a solution

You should be grateful to be an entrepreneur living in the age of the mobile phone. You skipped the limitations of the landline. Your phone makes conducting business so convenient but it is also a hidden cost that you should not ignore.

Many Kenyan entrepreneurs, just like you, try their best to minimize the cost of doing business. You obviously have a budget that you work so hard to stick to; unlike your New Year’s resolutions which you should ashamedly admit you break every year. You may also be one diligent entrepreneur who avoids luxuries that don’t boost business productivity. Great job, but this is not enough.

No matter how well you draw out your plans, things never go by the book. You need that little bit of flexibility and adaptability. This is of relevance to minimizing costs in your business. Even without anything blowing up unexpectedly, you will still find costs eating into your profits without your knowledge. These are the hidden costs of business.

One area that you may easily ignore is your mobile phone. This is especially true if you use a prepaid plan. What is harmful about toping up with little amounts at a time? The harm is that without tracking value for the money you spend on your phone costs, it turns out that you’ve not been avoiding luxuries that don’t boost business productivity.

Don’t form a habit of turning down a free meal. What I’m alluding to is that you should be on the lookout for offers that will save you money on phone usage while keeping business operations at the optimum. One such offer is being offered by Airtel.

Airtel has come up with a product that will have you continue using your phone for business without those secret costs you cannot account for. The service is all encompassing. It not only covers your calls and SMS to those frustrating suppliers who are behind schedule but also your social media marketing campaigns targeting customers. The service is called Airtel UnlimiNet and it works so easy.

which works best for you?
which works best for you?

All you have to do is subscribe to any of the daily, weekly or monthly UnlimiNet plans. You will enjoy talk-time and SMS to any network from sh.20 and it gets better. As for that all important data plan, you will enjoy free social media access, within the period of your subscription, even after you use up all your data bundles.

The big businesses are coming to mobile as well but once again you’ll show them that you can maneuver your way without their budgets. So go ahead, revel in the great value you will derive from Airtel UnlimiNet as an entrepreneur.