Youthia: the new Youth wave spreading across Africa

Africa is home to over 1.2 billion people, over 60% of whom fall below the age of 25. The population of Africa is projected to double by 2050 to around 2.4 billion people.This should automatically mean that we get more youth in leadership, business, governments, right? Wrong. The youth in Africa are facing alot of hardships, in terms of unemployment, which at now stands at more than 50%. If anything is to be done to change these statistics, it has to be done now.

Youthia, is an organization that originates from Namibia and is looking to tap into the youth in Africa as they discovered that they are the greatest resource we have as a continent. Youthia  is a continental commitment to enable the economic empowerment of 1 million youth (18 – 35 years old) entrepreneurs by 2025 from all walks of life – from farmer, artisan, inventor, miner, producer, recycler, supplier, retailer, to service provider.

Started by Mandy Shemvalula, a young an vibrant Namibian, Youthia encourages young africans to build strong communities of entrepreneurs and use trade as a tool to develop and grow.

‘We at Youthia focus on addressing biggest barriers that entrepreneurs face. Africa is statistically getting younger, and we are expected to double the youth population by 2050.  We are making the youth economic development a business, and making it as cool as the Google and Facebook of this world’

Youthia is officially launching this month on 27th September, 2017, and there will be a live viewing of the launch across africa for the entrepreneurs interested in tuning in. For those in Nairobi, there will be a viewing session at the Siron.